Polish Pierogi Recipe - for potato lovers everywhere

Hi Friends!

There's something about the holiday season that makes us cherish those good ol' family traditions so much more. Whether it's cutting your own Christmas tree or crowding in the kitchen for delicious recipes passed down for generations, family traditions are sure to warm your heart and most importantly - bring everyone together. 

After a year of stress and uncertainty, I'm finding myself gravitating toward old traditions and even making some new ones! This year for Friendsgiving, we decided to scrap the turkey and rather embark on a Non-Traditional Traditional feast. The menu would be filled with only the most scrumptious and indulgent recipes from each of our heritages. Lucky for me, my group of close friends and family all come from pretty incredible places with dishes that will quite literally have you in a food coma afterward! Everyone was adding their menus which consisted of tostones, salchichon, grilled garlic marinated shrimp, mom's macaroni & cheese, chicken tiki masala, basmati rice, sweet apple pie, and brownies from scratch. I knew I had to represent my Polish culture with something savory and authentic... enter - PIEROGI! Pierogi have been a fan favorite since the 13th century, and a go-to in my grandfather's kitchen from way before I was even a glimmer in my mom's eye. I knew I had to come correct - and make my family of Polacks proud!

If you're unfamiliar with pierogi, they're adorable little dumplings made from dough and only filled with the most savory, knock you on your butt ingredients. They're boiled to perfection and then tanned in butter for the perfect crispy outer shell. 

This recipe makes 16 pierogi filled with mashed potato & polish kielbasa. Below is everything you need to get started:


1 lb Red Baby Potatoes

1 Stick Polish Kielbasa (ideally from a Polish deli. But Hillshire Farms has a good one that is easily found in any major grocery store.)

Minced Garlic

Chives - chopped

Pillbury Dough Sheet (2)

Standard size drinking glass (to cut circles in the dough)







I hope you're hungry!